Website Hosting

Secure WordPress Managed Hosting

Hosting is an essential part of having a website. It is the physical location at which your site resides. With that in mind, security becomes a critical factor along with performance. You need to be confident that your website is in good hands. When your site becomes even more popular, your hosting must be able to handle the sudden influx of traffic to stay online.

Fast & Secure Hosting Packages

All SH Packages Include

  • SSL – Data Transfer Encryption
  • WordPress Security
  • Managed WordPress Updates ( core, plugin, and theme updates )
  • 1 Hour of Support / Month ( with rollover – max 12 hrs )
  • 30 days of Daily Backups
  • 3 Monthly Backups
  • Secure FTP Access
  • Hack Free Website Guarantee

Package 1SH – $59/mo

  • Up to 25K views /mo
  • 5GB Fast SSD Storage

Package 2SH – $99/mo

  • Up to 50K views /mo
  • 10 GB Fast SSD Storage
  • Multisite Compatible (max 3 domains)

Package 3SH – $200/mo

  • Up to 100K views /mo
  • 20 GB Fast SSD Storage
  • Multisite Compatible (max 3 domains)

Add-On Services

  • $10/mo – Additional 1GB Fast SSD Storage
  • $25/mo – Additional 5GB Fast SSD Storage

Custom Package $250+/mo

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Why is our managed hosting different?

Hands-on Approach to Hosting

Our managed hosting is full service. Other managed hosting providers do not update your plugins and themes for you. Since security is a top priority, we include this service so you can focus on your business and let us maintain your website. After website updates, we browse through the site and test contact forms to ensure they are still working. In addition, we have 30 daily backups and 3 monthly backups for disaster recovery. In the event of an upgrade incompatibility issue, we will revert the updates to ensure your website stays fully functional, then we inform you of the situation.

Consent: Modifying Your Website

We will make routine updates to your website monthly without notifying you. If we notice something is not right, we will inform you. We do not alter the functionality of your website unless there is an immediate security threat or we have explicit permission from you to do so. Our managed hosting comes with 1 hour of support per month and unused hours of support can rollover into the next month ( accruing to a max of 12 hrs ). These hours of support are intended as time to fix your website’s broken functionality or can be used for basic content updates*. These support hours only cover the repair and maintenance of current features and cannot be used for the development of new features.

*Basic updates include the addition or modification of the site’s text and images.

Hack Free Website Guarantee

The whole purpose of secure hosting is to keep your website from getting hacked. We do our best to prevent this, but sometimes someone finds a way.  If your site gets hacked, notify us immediately. We will restore the site to a state before the hack and patch the vulnerability at no cost to you.

Working With Others & Transparency

We do allow you to contract with developers outside of Sovereign Stack to make improvements and changes to your site. We will provide FTP access as needed. Any changes requiring a higher level of access will be performed by us and are covered by accrued support hours. If you ever do decide to transfer your website to another host, please give us at least a 48-hour notice to ensure we can accommodate your request in a timely manner. We will provide you instructions and the necessary access for your developer to migrate the site to your new host. We will retain copies of your account for 3 months in the event that you would like to return.

Billing & Package Upgrades

There are no long-term contracts. You will be automatically charged monthly for hosting services. If your account is upgraded in the middle of a billing cycle, the next upcoming charge will be at the new hosting rate minus a prorated used amount at the prior hosting rate. All funds are non-refundable. New accounts do have a 30-Day money back guarantee. If the new account is canceled within the first 30-days, a full refund will be provided.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our hosting services, please contact us.