WordPress Security

WordPress Security

Have you thought much about security for your WordPress site? Even the most experienced IT professionals must stay vigilant and oriented to current and new threats.

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4 Most Common Hacking Methods

SQL Injections

SQL injection is used to insert code into form fields to compromise the database of the website. This is often used to create administrative accounts to gain full access to a site.

Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

XSS is the injection of code such as JavaScript to manipulate the output of code on a site to hijack a user’s browser session, redirect the user to a malicious site, or deface the website. It can be intended to compromise the website to include the site as a participant of executing a DDoS attacks on other sites.

Distributed Denial of Service (DD0S)

DDoS attacks is a type of attack that uses a network of computers to simultaneously target a specific system. The victim’s website will consume too many resources, as a result, and be rendered temporarily unavailable to the public (Denial of Service).

Brute Force Cracking

Brute force method is used to forcefully gain access to a site via a login form. This is a trial and error method that can consume large amounts of resources of the website.

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